Leo Hylan joins 'The Artery', an annapolis-based artist's cooperative

From Left to Right: Lindsay Zetter, Emily Welsh, Desireé Dalton, Sabina D’Antonio Leo Hylan, Sidney Jackson, Wilson Stout, Ian E. Tom, Erica Yoshino

In July of 2013, Leo Hylan joined the artist collective, The Artery, which is an Annapolis-based cooperative run by Lindsay Zetter and Emily Welsh.
The Artery provides membership for local artists that wish to join and in turn provides exposure via the web and local exhibition.

--[Below taken from thearterycooperative.com]

The Artery was created by a group of artists who wished to further enrich the artistic environment of Annapolis, Maryland. We are a cooperative for up-and-coming artists, providing an agency-type service in order to give them the opportunity to gain exposure within their own community. This could be through their own work, or ideas that promote the work of others.

Our mission is to grow the already expanding art district by developing a steady schedule of singular or cooperative artist-based events such as pop-up shows, fundraisers, workshops, and speakers.

Our goal for the future is to gain enough momentum to create a physical space in which artists can collaborate with each other, have their own studio space, and host our own shows within our own four walls. We also hope to expand our influence to surrounding educational facilities in order to provide educational outreach.


Lindsay Zetter
Original Publisher: 
The Artery Cooperative