Artist Statement

I create because I have to… at this point it has become a compulsion. I realize that each day is not given; it is an opportunity that I cannot afford to waste, and with it I create art that provides my perspective on and experiences in the world. Art is a documentation of the human experience, each person has perspectives, thoughts, and ideas that are important, but never heard… My purpose is to not let that happen to myself and others. Creativity is a human right, using it is a privilege.

The socialized artistic contribution of all persons within a society is paramount to the evolution of society as we know it. Therefore, art must be more accessible. My work does this through its use of new media aesthetics, social topics, and an embrace of modernism. I see my work inspiring and conveying the notion that anything can potentially become art and therefore anyone could be an artist. Interactivity is a component in my work that allows for an entirely new demographic of people who would otherwise feel excluded to be reached. My work in this vein is heavily inspired by Carl Andre, whose work challenges the idea that a gallery should be a quiet and respectful place where the artwork must be on the wall and not touched.

The socio-historical role of the arts has been to provide us with a platform in which that we question our own positions and try to understand others. However, in this generation Social Media has become the major outlet for this type of exchange, but it lacks artistic purpose. I create work that fills that void, bridging this world of new media with true creative purpose. The purpose is to inspire the viewer to become involved in providing their unique thoughts creatively.

It is for this reason that my style is always evolving. I firmly believe that the easiest way to do something is often the best way to do it. If a similar result can be achieved from a particular medium, method, or collaboration than that's how I choose to create. I do not have a preferred medium and enjoy working in so many of the “media” or “digital” arts, such as: photography, video, installation, sound, programming, and others. My choice of medium is always that which attains the intended result of my work.

I grew up along side the computer. I am old enough to remember the media arts as analog processes and as I matured, they became digital. The work I create reflects this “straddling” of the technology if the last two centuries. It is best described as analog input with a digital output. I use analog materials like film, paint, ink, or even analog video and process them through digital programming. Abstract Expressionism and the art of the early electronic age have been the most influential to my style. I apply the aesthetics of early electronic art like 8-Bit video games, early internet, and glitch to the visual concepts of the expressionistic paintings of Mark Rothko and Gerhard Richter.

Although I work in a diversity of media and conceptual framework, all of my work is certainly has a postmodern sensibility. Meaning that my style has been and continues to be affected by the art that has come before me; as well as, the world around me. I feel like I have a concept as often as I do not have one, and when I do not it is often a more liberating and enjoyable experience. This is the basis of a process driven piece. A process driven product emerges from a desire to express myself without attempting to arrive at a specific point. It is a journey in which the conclusion is unclear.